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Quotes from Night World

The Night World

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Secret Vampire

Book_NightWorld_SecretVampire“Many people thought Poppy and James’s relationship was platonic.  This wasn’t true.  Poppy had known for years that she was going to marry him.  It was one of her two great ambitions, the other being to see the world.  She just hadn’t gotten around to informing James yet.”  (p.9)

“Cliff said ‘damn’ for me (I’m going to die).  I didn’t know he liked me enough to swear.”  (Poppy p. 47)

“Until today she’d assumed it was her unconditional right to live.  She hadn’t even been grateful for the privilege.  But now she knew it wasn’t something to take for granted—and she also knew it was something she’d fight for.”  (Poppy p. 63)

"She had never been so close to anybody. It was as if they were one being, together, not predator and prey, but partners in a dance."  (Poppy-and-James p. 67)

"You don't love a girl because of beauty. You love her because she sings a song only you can understand." (James p.68)

“Poppy’s not my girlfriend and I’m not going to dump her,” he said, pleased at his own cleverness.  He’d avoided an outright lie—Poppy wasn’t his girlfriend in any normal sense.  They’d merged their souls, that was all—they hadn’t talked about dating or anything.  (James p. 77)

“Your cousin Ash will be coming next week.  I think he’d like to stay with you at the apartment—and I’m sure you’d like some company there.”
Over my unbreathing body, James thought.  He’d forgotten about Ash’s threat to visit.  (p. 103)

“Poppy had hardly eaten in the last two days, and when she did get hungry, it was for something weird.  No—something red, he realized as he paid for a second time at the 7-Eleven.  He felt a sick lurch in his stomach.  Everything she wanted lately was red and at least semiliquid.”  (Phil p. 115)

“I wasted a lot of high school, Poppy realized.  I used my brains to outsmart the teachers—and that really wasn’t very smart at all.”  (p. 133)

“My first kiss.  Poppy thought, her eyes drifting shut again.  And I’m comatose.  Great.”  (p. 142)

“I don’t look like something that sits on a buttercup anymore she thought.  I look wild and dangerous and exotic.  Like a model.  Like a rock star.  Like James.”  (Poppy p. 181)

"I'll go sleep on the couch," he said.
"No, you won't," Poppy said firmly. She flopped on the bed beside him. "You're dead tired. And I know I'm safe with you."
James grinned without moving his arm. "Because I'm dead tired?"
“Because I’ve always been safe with you.”  (p. 183)

Poppy thumped the bed with her heel.  “And obviously we don’t have to sleep in coffins.”
“No, and we don’t need native earth, either.  Myself, I prefer a Sealy Posturepedic, but if you’d like some dirt. . .”
Poppy elbowed him.  “Um, can we cross running water?”
”Sure. And we can walk into people's homes without being invited, and roll in garlic if we don't mind losing friends." (p. 186-187)

She blurted, “I don’t see how you people can make laws about not falling in love! It’s insane.”  (Poppy p. 199)

"It was like a song, one of those sweet, wrenching songs that makes the hair on your arms stand up. That makes you want to throw yourself on the floor and just bawl. Or fall backward and surrender to the music utterly." (p. 184)

"I told you. You don't love someone because of their looks or their clothes or their car. You love them because they sing a song that nobody but you can understand." (James p. 184)

"In the Night World there's this idea called the soulmate principle. It says that every person has one soulmate out there, just one. And that person is perfect for you and is your destiny." (James p. 184)

“Just remember,” he said whimsically. Bad magic happens.”  (Ash p.156)

She made a forlorn and helpless gesture.  “But what can I do now?  I can’t change the past. . . .”
“No, but you can act in the present.” (Poppy and Ash p. 200)

“You’re sure you’re all right?”
“Yes. Yes.”
“Good. Then just hang on a moment while I kill this guy and we’ll go.”  (James and Poppy p. 230)

“I don’t know who you are or what horse you rode in on.  But that’s my sister there you’re messing with, and I figure I’ve got the first right to knock your head off.”  (Phil p. 231)

“You know, you’ve never really cared about anyone,” he said.  “But someday you will, and it’s going to hurt.  It’s going to hurt--a lot.  (James to Ash p. 232)

“James, pull over the car I want to kiss you.”  (Poppy p. 237)




Daughters of Darkness

Book_NightWorld_DaughtersofDarkness“Welcome to Briar Creek, where nothing ever happens.  Where there are more coyotes than people.  Where if you really want some excitement you can ride into town and watch the Saturday night mouse racing at the Gold Creek Bar. . . .”  (Mark p. 248)

“What are you doing out here so late?”  Vic asked.  "It’s not the place for nice girls.”
“We’re not nice girls,” Kestrel explained absently.  (p. 255-256)

Quinn’s lip curled.  “Lamia are so wonderfully family oriented.”
“And made vampires are so wonderfully . . . short,”  Ash said serenly, looking at the sky again.  (p. 278)

“That’s one thing I can count on,”  Quinn said half under his breath.  “Your self-interest.  You always look after Number One, don't you?”
“Doesn't everybody?"
“Not everybody is quite so blatant about it.”  (Quinn and Ash p. 281)

"Look, I’ll fight, too. What do you think it is? Bears, coyotes. . . . ?"
"My brother."  (Mark and Jade p. 299)

“Mary-Lynnette had an inexplicable impulse to knock Ash flat and fall down on top of him.  She’d never felt that for any boy before.  She ignored the impulse and kicked him in the shin.” (p. 320)

“Mare, it’s like now I know why I’m alive.  She’s different from any girl I’ve ever known.  She’s—she’s so brave, and so funny, and so . . . herself.”  (Mark about Jade p. 346)

“Don’t you just hate that,” Mark was saying.  “You meet a girl and she seems pretty nice and you tell all your friends and then before you know it she turns out to be a vampire.  Don’t you just hate it when that happens?”  (p. 358)

“Mary-Lynnette knew that in that instant they were communicating without words.  Each recognizing the other as an alpha female who was willing to fight and die for her kin.
Meaning they were both big sisters.
Yes, somebody’s going to get hurt.  Mary-Lynnette thought.  You threaten my family, I fight back.” (p. 360)

"When you're soulmates, it hits you like lightning, and you know that's the one person in the world you were meant to be with. You don't think you're soulmates; you just know it's your destiny whether you like it or not."  (Kestrel p. 362)

“being soulmates is involuntary—you don’t even have to like the person when you meet them.  They may be completely wrong for you in every way—wrong species, wrong temperament, wrong age.  But you know you’ll never be completely happy again without them."  (Rowan p. 377)

"I don't have to kill goats to say things, you know.  I can talk."  (Ash p. 398)

“Mary-Lynnette didn’t know what to say.  What’s the etiquette when you’ve just discovered that somebody’s a werewolf?  And that it may be their duty to eat you?”  (p. 420)

“Wait—you think I did. Don't you?"
"It did cross our minds at one point," Ash said.  “Actually, it seemed to keep crossing them. Back and forth. Maybe we should put in a crosswalk."  (Jeremy and Ash p. 421)

"Look. . . . I might as well tell you.  I didn’t ask for this, and if somebody had said last week that I'd be in. . . involved. . . with a human, I'd have knocked his head off. I mean, after howls of derisive laughter. But." (Ash to Mary-Lynnette p. 428)

“If Ash were dead—if Ash had been killed . . .
Things would never be all right.  She would never be all right.  It would be like the night with the moon and stars gone.”  (Mary-Lynnette p. 436)

"Well, she thought. Well, well. Here we are, probably for the first time, just talking to each other. Not arguing, not being sarcastic, just talking. It's nice.
It was surprisingly nice. And the strange thing was, she knew Ash thought so, too. They understood each other. Over the table, Ash gave her a barely perceptible nod."  (p. 439)

“You know, somebody told me this would happen,”  Ash said, as if carrying on some entirely different conversation they’d been having.
“That you’d come to a hick town and chase a goat killer?”
“That someday I’d care for someone—and it would hurt.”  (Ash and Mary-Lynnette p. 444)

“But”  Ash continued doggedly, "the thing is—and I know this is going to sound strange—that I seem to love you sort of desperately."  (Ash p. 445)

“I don’t suppose you could turn into a bat or something and fly back,” she suggested.
“Sorry, I flunked shapeshifting.  And I wouldn’t leave you here alone anyway.”  (Mary-Lynnette and Ash p. 453)

“And in the meantime I’ll fight dragons, just like any knight for his lady.  I’ll prove myself.  You’ll be proud of me.”  (Ash p. 482)

"Even when we're apart, we'll be looking at the same sky!"  Ash yelled.
“What a line,” Mary-Lynnette called back.  (p. 485)





Book_NightWorld_Spellbinder“Tell me,” she said grimly, “that you’re not going to do the same thing here.”
Blaise laughed.  “I never do the same thing twice.”  (Thea and Blaise p. 493)

“You’re . . . beautiful,” Eric said, still wondering.  “I’ve never seen anybody . . . but it’s like there’s a mist all around you.  You’re so mysterious. . . .”  (Eric p. 505)

“Well two wrongs don't make a right. . . .”
“But three lefts do!”  (Thea and Dani p. 522)

“And by Air and Fire, I'm not having them come here just
to see you girls screw up. I have a reputation you know.” (Grandma Harman p.534)

“She's in a bad mood,” Rosamund said. “And she's not eating right.
I told you yesterday she was sick.”
“No you didn't," Eric said calmly.  “You told me she was tired of living
under patriarchy.” (p. 565)

"Sometimes I think if I blink, you'll disappear."
Oh, Eileithyia, Thea thought. Oh, Aphrodite. I'm in terrible trouble.
The thing was, it was terrible and wonderful. She felt awkward and tremendously safe at once, scared to death and not scared of anything. And what she wanted was so simple. If he only felt the same, everything would be all right.
"I just can't even imagine life without you anymore, but I'm so afraid you'll go away," Eric said, still looking fatalistically at the computer on the desk. (p. 568-569)

“We knew each other; it was as if we each could see the other one’s soul.  Once you see into someone’s soul, you’re attached forever.”  (Thea p. 569)

“I don't care much for animals unless they've been shish-kebabed.” (Blaise p. 571)

“It's so much fun to be a bitch when you want to be.” (Blaise p. 573)

“Blaise, listen to me.  If you do anything to him—if you hurt him—it’s me you’re hurting.”
“You’ll get over it.”  In the rainbow light of the Riviera, Blaise looked like some ancient goddess of fate.  “It's better to hurt a little now than to be executed later.”  (p. 577)

"I can take any boy from anybody.  Any time, any place, any way I want to.  That's what I do." (Blaise p. 578)

“I don't understand why you want to be crones before you're done being maidens. You ought to enjoy your youth while you have it. . . .” (Grandma Harman p. 592)

“When I go after a boy, I get him first.  I don’t strangle them before the fun begins.”  (Blaise p. 609)

“She did it with a vampire?  Creepy.”  (Dani p. 618)

“How could I want to be with her when I want to be with you?  I told you that before this whole thing started.”  (Eric p. 637)

“Because that was the thing about Blaise.  She might be vain and self-centered, quarrelsome, hot-tempered, lazy, unkind to humans, and generally hard to live with, but she came through for family.  She was a witch.”  (p. 656)

“Does everybody ever want everything they can have? Really?” (Blaise p. 659)

“Whatever you're doing,” he said with terrible distinctness, “to try to make me like Pilar, it has to stop.  Because it's not fair to her. She's upset right now because I'm acting crazy. But I don't want to be with her. It's you I love. And if you want to get rid of me, then tell me, but don't try to foist me off on somebody else.”  (Eric p. 666)

“Maybe there was a magic stronger than spells. Maybe the soulmate principle was responsible, and if two people were meant to be together, nothing could keep them apart.”  (p. 672)

“Would you give up everything
The voice didn’t seem like a stranger this tine, didn’t seem menacing.  Just curious.  And Thea had an answer.
Yes.”  (p. 700)

“By the power of Earth and Air and Water! By the power of Fire on this night of Hecate! By my own power as a Daughter of Hellewise!  Go speedily, conveniently and without delay, you bitch.”  (Thea p. 707)

“I know I love Thea,”  Eric said cutting her off.  “And she loves me.  And if there’s some rule that says we can’t be together, it’s a stupid rule.”  (p. 712)




Dark Angel

Book_NightWorld_DarkAngel"The paths to enlightenment are many Grasshopper.  Grasshopper? Maybe I should call you Dragonfly. You are sort of iridescent. There're  lots of other insects, but Dung Beetle sounds sort of insulting. . . .” (Angel p. 51)

“Balaam's ass,” the angel said wisely.
“I beg your pardon?”  For a moment Gillian thought she was being insulted.
“I mean, animals can see us.”  (p. 53)

“If he were a knight, he wouldn’t fall in love with the pampered princess back at the castle.  He’d fall in love with a female knight, or maybe a robber, somebody who could share the Adventure with him, who’d be just as tough as he was.”  (Gillian about David p. 69)

“You’re kind of incredible,” David said.  “And I feel really stupid for not noticing that before.”  (p. 70)

“What she felt was a little like discovery and a little like déjà vu and a little like waking up and suddenly realizing it’s Christmas.  Or like being a kid lost in a strange place, cold and bewildered, and then suddenly hearing your mother’s voice.  But it really wasn’t like any of those things; it was more.  Unexpected welcome. . . strange recognition . . . the shock of belonging . . .”  (Gillian p. 71)

“Rule One, dragonfly.  A beautiful girl can tease any guy and make him like it.  No matter what the joke is.  Am I right or am I right?”  (Angel p. 81-82)

“Rumors spread fast, and they grow. I know. You want to either deny them, or” —Daryl’s lips quirked in a smile—disarm them.”  (p. 93)

“You have no idea what I'll do if you try to mess with me, you snotty little midget.  You are going to be sorry—” (Tanya p. 98)

“And what about Kim?  Is she the one who has been spreading rumors about people?”
“Like butter on Eggos.”  (Gillian and Angel p. 100)

“Hey, Jill, this is for you.”  Cory was trying to give her a plastic glass with foam overflowing the top.
Gillian looked at him with open scorn.  She didn’t need Angel’s help for this.
“You look...” He shook his head.  “Illegal, but also sort of spiritual. How do you do that?”  (David p. 106)

“Thanks but I like my brain cells.  Maybe if you had more respect for yours you wouldn’t be flunking biology.”  (p. 108)

“It sounded crazy, Gillian thought, but it wasn’t physical so much as . . . well, spiritual.  They seemed to belong together.”  (p. 112)

“It's voodoo time, huh?” (Gillian p. 132)

“Now  . . . may I be given the words of Hecate.  It is not I who utter them, it is not I who repeat them; it is Hecate who utters them, it is she who repeats them.”
“And who the heck’s Hecate?”  (Gillian p. 134)

“I’ll bet you could start a little bears fashion at school.  You can do anything with enough guts.”  (Angel p.140)

“I met a human girl last summer,” he said quietly and that seemed to explain everything.  (Ash p. 153)

“There are two ways of getting spirits from the between-place: you can summon them or you can go fetch them yourself. You did it the hard way.” (Melusine p. 182)

“An earthbound spirit is a damaged soul. . . .”  She shut the book.  “Look, it’s actually simple.  When a spirit is really unhappy—when they've done something awful, or they've died with unfinished business—then they don't go on to the Other Side. They get stuck in—well, the book calls it ‘the astral planes near earth’. We call it the between-place.” (Melusine p. 182)

“And the Harmans are—well, they’re sort of like the royal family to us.”
Gillian smiled bleakly.  “So I’m a witch princess?”  (Melusine and Gillian p. 183)

“I’m not strong.  I’m scared.”
“I think it may be possible to be both,” Melusine said wryly.  (Gillian and Melusine p 185)

“Maybe. . . some angels are real.” (Gillian p. 209)




The Chosen

Book_NightWorld_TheChosen“I know,” Rashel said.  “You really, really wanted to kill me. Life's tough, isn't it?” (p. 232)

“This kitten has claws.” (Rashel p. 233)

Instead of answering, Rashel said, “The night has a thousand eyes.”
“And the day only one,” came the reply from the intercom.  (Rashel and Elliot p. 234)

“If you cut them with a steel knife they heal right before your eyes—but cut them with wood and they keep bleeding.” (Vicky p. 240)

“Wait here, I'm going to bonk him on the head.” (Rashel p. 248)

“Sorry,” she said out loud.  “I don’t take orders from parasites.”  (Rashel p. 257)

“And you’re right, this is the way it always has to end when our two races meet. It's kill or be killed. The law of nature.” (Quinn p. 259)

Quinn laughed sourly.  “Yes, well, that’s an on-again, off-again thing.  You might say I have a love-hate relationship with the Redferns.  We spnd most of the time wishing each other at the bottom of the Atlantic.”
“Tch, vampire family infighting,”  Rashel said.  “Why is it always so hard to get along with the folks?”  (p. 261)

“I don’t need a damn psychoanalysis,” he spat.  (Quinn p. 264)

“Don't you ever use doors.” (Daphne p. 287)

“Oh, my God! You're Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” (Daphne p. 288)

“You’re wearing normal clothes.”
“Rashel glanced down at her sweater and jeans.  “Yeah, the ninja outfit’s just my career uniform.”  (Daphne and Rashel p. 304)

There's warmth in ice, there's cooling peace in fire,
And midnight light to show us all the way.
The dancing flame becomes a funeral pyre;
The Dark was more enticing than the Day.
(Daphne's poem p. 307)

“Just reminiscing about the old days in the sunlight.  Of course, you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?  You’re lamia; you were born this way.  Technically, I suppose, you were born dead.”
“And technically , I suppose, you're going peculiar. My father always said it would happen.” (Quinn and Lily p. 335-336)

“Take your hands off her.  Before I knock you through the wall.”  (Quinn p. 337)

“I'm a damned Daybreaker.” (Fayth p. 351)

“Circle Daybreak is a group of witches who’re trying to get humans and Night People to . . . I don’t know, all dance around and drink Coke together,” Rashel said, nonplussed.  (p. 351-352)

“But watch the language or I'll leave you here when I get the rest of us out. Then you can live in harmony with eight vampires on your own.” (Rashel p. 352)

“Every time I meet you, I seem to end up hog-tied and unconscious. It's getting monotonous.” (Quinn p. 388-389)

“You were strong, you weren’t weak and pathetic.  You weren’t looking for your own destruction.  But you were going to let me go.  Strength and compassion.  And . . . honor.  Of course I loved you.”  (Quinn p. 390)

“I think we live or die together from now on, Quinn said simply.” (p. 401)

“When violence won’t work, there’s no other choice but to try persuasion.”  (Quinn p. 402)

“Raise your hands everybody who thinks Hunter Redfern would approve of this little party.”
“Do I get a vote.”  (Quinn and Hunter p. 405-406)

But the soulmate idea--that's really the last straw. It's like a disease infecting our people. You understand
 why I have to stamp it out. (Hunter p. 412)

“Where could a reformed vampire and a burned-out vampire hunter go when they fell in love?
The answer, of course, was obvious.  Rashel knew even as she formed the question, and she laughed silently into Quinn’s shoulder.
Circle Daybreak.  They’d become damned Daybreakers.”  (p. 425)





Book_NightWorld_Soulmate“Because I’m going crazy.”
“Because you write notes?” the psychologist said, puzzled.  “Um, poison pen letters, compulsive memo taking. . .?”  (Hannah and Paul p. 434)

“Has it ever occurred to you,” he blurted, “that you may not be paranoid after all?  I mean, that something weird and uncanny really is out to get you?”  (Paul p. 453)

You buy an eight-hundred-dollar pen and then it doesn't write,” he murmured.  (Thierry p. 457)

“He's wicked and evil. . . I know that. She explained it all to me. And I know he'll kill me.
The way he always has. But I want him. (Hannah p. 468)

“Funny Thierry thought, how you never realize how accustmed you were to being obeyed until someone defied you.”  (p. 472)

“To Thierry, it was beautiful, because it was part of her.  But at the same time the very sight of it made his throat clamp shut and his fists clench in helpless grief and fury—fury against himself.  The mark was his shame, his punishment.  And his penance was to watch her wear it in her innocence through the years.” (p. 473)

“He wanted to carry her off into the night, holding her close to his heart, to some secret place where nobody could ever find her to hurt her.”  (Thierry p. 474)

“He's Lord of the Night World. He's powerful. . . and evil.”  Hannah whispered.  “He's lived for thousands of years.”  She added almost absently, “I'm the one who's been reincarnated.”  (p. 475)

“Old Mother says she can't see my destiny. She pretends that's nothing to worry about,
but I know she's worried. That's why she wants me to be a shaman, so I can fight back if
the spirits have something rotten in mind for me.”  (Hana p. 480)

“She didn’t know why she felt this way—but it hurt her terribly.  It was as if she were losing something . . . infinitely precious. . . before she had a chance to know it.”  (Hannah p. 496)

“You were supposed to be with me —for so long! You're part of me, the part I've always
vaguley missed. You were supposed to be around, helping me out, picking me up when I fell down.  Watching my back, listening to my stories. Understanding things that I wouldn't want to tell other people. Loving me when I'm stupid. Giving me something to take care of and be good to, the way the Goddess meant women to do.” (Hannah p. 511-512)

“Listen to me,” he told Maya, staring into her mocking golden eyes.  “Listen, because I’m never going to say this again.  If you touch Hannah again—ever—in any life—I will kill you.”  (Thierry p. 571)

“You won’t, you know.”  Maya’s telepathic voice followed him as he made for the door.  “You won’t kill me.  Not Thierry the compassionate, Thierry the good vampire, Thierry the saint of Circle Daybreak.  You’re not capable of it.  You can’t kill.”  (p. 572)

“Thierry wasn’t evil.  She had the confirmation of ahundred selves whispering to her.  Maya was the enemy, the snake in the garden.  Thierry was exactly what he’d told her he was.  Someone who had made a terrible mistake and had spent millennia paying for it—and searching for her.”  (Hannah p.594)

“Why did I come here?  I should have put an ad in the paper: ‘Desperately Seeking Thierry.’ I should have known this wouldn’t work.”  (Hannah p. 599)

“Not all vampires can shapeshift,” Maya said.  “But, then, I’m not like other vampires.  I’m the original.  And I have to say I’m getting really sick of you.”  (p. 631)

"Even if you kill her, she'll still be alive—here." He tapped his chest. "In me. I keep her here. She's part of me. So until you kill me, you can't really kill her. And you can't win. It's that simple."  (Thierry p. 651)

"She was with her flying companion—her playmate. The one who was sacred to her, who was the other half of the mysteries of life for her. The one who would always be there for her, helping her, watching her back, picking her up when she fell down, listening to her stories—no matter how many times she told them. Loving her even when she was stupid. Understanding her without words. Being inside the innermost circle in her mind.  Her soulmate."  (Hannah about Thierry p. 660-661)

“I changed my destiny.”  (Hannah p. 662)





Book_NightWorld_Huntress“Rule Number One of living with humans.  Always wash the blood off before coming in the house.”  (Jez p. 22)

"Ghouls weren't smart, but like the Energizer Bunny they kept going and going."  (p. 28)

She said, “Sorry.  Um, do you want some ice for that bump?”
“No I like it.  I’m thinking of getting one on the other side to match.”  (Jez and Hugh p. 40)

“In blue fire, the final darkness is banished.
In blood the final price is paid.
Four to stand between the light and the shadow,
Four of blue fire, power in their blood.
Born in the year of the blind Maiden’s vision;
Four less one and darkness triumphs.”
(prophecy poem p. 49)

“It means—I don’t think he hates you, Jez.  Maybe he has strong emotions for you, but from what I’ve heard I don’t think hate is one of them.”  (Hugh p. 53)

"You can't tell me? You disappear one day without any kind of warning, without any kind of note. . .you leave the gang and me and just completely vanish and nobody knows where to find you, not even your uncle. . .and now you appear again and you can't tell me where you were?" He was working himself into one of his Extremely Excited States, Jez realized.  (Morgead p. 66)

“I’m not soulmates with Morgead.  I can’t be.  We hate each other . . . he hates me . . . all we ever do is fight. . . . He’s impossible and dangerous and hot headed and stubborn . . . he’s crazy . . . he’s angry and hostile . . . he’s frustrating and infuriating and he loves to make me miserable . . . And I don’t ever believe in soulmates.”  (Jez p. 91)

“This was like nothing she’d ever felt before.  It was so strange . . . but so wonderful.  A pleasure that she couldn’t have dreamed of.  To be this close and to be getting closer, like fire and bright darkness merging . . . To feel her mind opening to him . . . And then the distant echo of fear, like an animal screaming a warning.”  (Jez p. 94)

“One from the land of kings long forgotten;
One from the hearth that still holds the spark;
One from the Day World where two eyes are watching;
One from the twilight to be one with the dark.”
(second prophecy poem p. 112)

“I wouldn’t marry him if every other guy on earth was dead,” she informed Pierce.”
“If it were a choice between her and a human, I’d pick the human,” Morgead put in nastily.  (Jez and Morgead p. 123)

“You heard me.  I don’t care who your friends are, Jez.  I don’t even care that you came back to use me.  I’m just glad that you came back.  We’re soulmates and nothing can change that.”  (Morgead p. 204)

“Are you going to try to kill me now?  Or is the engagement just off?”  (Jez p. 210)

“Tell Hugh . . .” she whispered.
“Tell Hugh your freaking self!  He’s right here!  And you’re not going anywhere.”  (Jez and Morgead p. 231)

“Listen to me, Jez. There's no reason for you to die—”
Jez couldn’t manage a smile anymore, or a sentence.  But she whispered gently, “Wood . . . poison.”
”No it isn't! Not to humans. And you're half human, Jez.  You're vampire enough to survive something that would kill a human, but you're human enough not to be poisoned by wood."  (Morgead and Jez p. 232)

“DON’T YOU DARE DIE ON ME, JEZABEL!  DON’T YOU DARE!  Or I’ll follow you to the next world and KILL you.”  (Morgead p. 233)

“I love you, you stupid human,” Morgead gasped against Jez’s cheek.  “I can’t live without you.  Don’t you know that?”
Jez whispered, “I told you never to call me Jezabel.”  (p. 233)




Black Dawn

Book_NightWorld_BlackDawn“Strong-willed and compassionate: that’s a real recipe for disaster.”  (Sylvia p. 262)

“You know, for a moment there, I thought I might be in trouble,” Sylvia’s voice was saying calmly.  “But I was wrong.  The truth is that you’re just an ordinary girl, after all.  Weak and powerless—and ordinary.  How could you even think about going up against me?  Against my people?” (p. 264-265)

“I love you,” he whispered, his breath stirring the hair by her ear.  “I did love you.  Always remember that.”  (Delos p. 270)

“We can’t let them do things like that to people.”  (Maggie p. 284)

“I took responsibility for her,” she said, trying to explain.  “It’s like when you take in a cat, or—or it’s like being a queen or something.  If you say you’re going to be responsible for your subjects, you are.  You owe them afterward.”  (Maggie p. 321)

“She felt as if she had turned around and unexpectedly found herself facing another person’s soul.  A soul that was hanging there, without protection, already in helpless communication with hers.”  (Maggie p. 325)

“This is how people are supposed to be, she thought.  Joined like this.  Open to each other.  With nothing hidden and no stupid walls between them.”  (Maggie p. 326)

“Love is for weak people.  It’s a delusion.  And it can be deadly.”  (Delos p. 334)

“Soulmates. That was the word. Maggie could sense what it meant. Two people connected, bound to each other forever, soul to soul, in a way that even death couldn't break. Two souls that were destined for each other.”  (p. 339)

“I was wrong before.  You are as dumb as you look.  And you are totally freaking crazy.”  (Jeanne p. 385)

“She will come clothed in flowers, shod in blue and scarlet,” the girl was saying.  She was still pointing at Maggie, but now it was with something like reverence.  “And she will speak of freedom.  You heard her, Laundress!  It’s her.  She’s the one!”  (p.394)

“Fine, fine.  You go conquer the vampire and I’ll stay here and arrange the revolution.”  (Jeanne p.411)

“This is what I am,”  Delos said, speaking easily around the fangs.  “A hunting animal.  Part of a world of darkness that you can’t survive for a minute in.  I’ve told you over and over to stay away from it, but you won’t listen.  You turn up in my castle, and you just won’t believe your danger.  So now I’m going to show you.”  (Delos p. 433)

“Go ahead,” Maggie said distinctly.  “It doesn’t matter.  You’re stronger than me; we both know that.  But whatever you do, you can’t make me your prey.  You don’t have that power.  You can’t control me.”  (p. 435)

“I will hurt you,” he said.  “Watch me hurt you.”  He bent to her angrily, and she could she the intent in his eyes.  He meant to frighten and disillusion . . . and he kissed her mouth like raindrops falling on cool water.  Maggie clung to him desperately and kissed back.  Where they touched the dissolved into each other.”  (Delos p. 435-436)

“I don’t want this—”
“Yes you do,” she interrupted, indignant.  The normal barriers that existed between two people had melted; she knew what he was feeling, and she didn’t like being lied to.
“—to end,” he finished.  (Delos and Maggie p. 436-437)

“You can change your destiny,” she said.  “You don’t have to go along with it.  I don’t know what’s going to happen with the world, but you don’t have to be what they say.  You have the power to fight them!”  (Maggie p. 437)

“I am not a weapon.”
“I know that,” Maggie told him.
“I can choose what I am from now on.  I can choose what path to follow.
“Yes,” Maggie said.
Delos said simply, “I choose to go with you.” (p. 438)

“There are some things that you just can’t allow to happen, whatever the cost.  There are some things that have just got to be stopped.”  (Maggie p. 461)

“Sylvia Weald,” Aradia said.  “You were born a witch.  Your name means the greenwood, the sacred grove.  You are a daughter of Hellewise, and you will be until you die.  You are my sister.”  (p. 473)

“As long as her soulmate was alive, and they were together, she would be all right.”  (Maggie p. 482)

“And you know,” Jeanne said, looking down at Sylvia with her hands on her hips, “that’s how I want to go.  Taking my own way out . . . and totally pissing everybody off at the end.”  (p. 482)





Book_NightWorld_Witchlight“And then, for just an instant, something happened.  It was as if some barrier had been punctured.  Keller felt not just his voice but his worry inside her head.  She could feel . . . him.”  (p. 508)

“She's too pure to deal with this kind of stuff,” Winnie said defensively.  “Violence and all. It's not the same as being chicken.”  (p. 514)

“I don’t want your respect.  I want your obedience.”  (Grandma Harman p. 547)

“You don’t really believe that.  Unless you practice being stupid—” (Keller p. 559)

“And just how did she make you two turn around and come back for us, by the way?”
Winnie pursed her lips.  “You heard it.  Volume control.  She kept screaming like—well, I don’t know what screams like that.  You’d be surprised how effective it is.”
“You’re agents of Circle Daybreak; you’re supposed to be immune to torture.”
(Keller and Winnie p. 559-560)

“People die...
Beauty fades...
Love changes...
And you will always be alone.”

“You put on a good show,” Galen said, “but the truth is that you’re brave and gallant and decent.  You have your own code, and you never break it.”  (p. 574)

“Keller couldn’t understand what was happening at first.  In panic, all she could think was that she was losing herself.  Losing her armor, her hardness, everything she needed to keep alive.  Some part of her deep inside was melting, flowing toward Galen.”  (p. 575)

“It’s you . . . the one I’ve been looking for.  You’re the one . . . ” (Keller p. 576)

“There’s something . . . something I have to remember. . .”
“I love you,” Galen said back.
“Yes, but there’s something I’ve forgotten. . .”
“We’re together, he said.  I don’t want to remember anything else.”
(Keller and Galen p. 577)

“Love,” Keller snarled, “is weakness.”  She saw her mother’s note lying on the floor where he’d dropped it and snatched it up.  “And nobody is going to make me sentimental and weak!  Nobody!”  (p. 578)

Iliana stirred.  “I thought you were worried about me being late.”
“I’m more worried about you being dead,” Keller interrupted.  (p. 584)

“She cared in a way that went beyond sympathy and beyond compassion and into something like perfect love.”  (Keller about Iliana p. 610)

“The gratitude became something different, something more like . . . recognition.  It was as if Iliana were discovering Galen all at once, seeing everything in him that Keller had been slowly learning to see.  They’re both . . .Keller wanted to think idiots, but the word wouldn’t come.  All she ended up with was the same.  Both of them.  Idealists.  Openhearted.  Trying to rescue everyone.  They’re perfect for each other.”  (p. 611)

“Iliana, don’t play dumb blond with me right now, or I’ll have to kill you.”  (Keller p. 622)

“If they don’t know that Jaime was in that music room with us yesterday at lunch, they ought to turn in their spy badges.”  (Nissa p. 627)

“But you’re asking for a lot of coincidences, aren’t you?  How often do people deliberately run each other over in this town?”  (Keller p. 628)

“They killed our oldest leader.  Our wise woman.  You know, some people would take that as a declaration of war.”  (Winnie p. 637)

“This was the problem with having walls so hard and high and unscalable, she supposed.  When they came down, they crumbled completely, shattering into nothingness.  She felt utterly defenseless right now.”  (Keller p. 664)

“Keller couldn't form any words for a moment. Then she said, "Galen? When you choose a form, choose something gentle."
“I thought you thought everybody had to be a fighter," he said, and his mental voice was very quiet.
“Some people shouldn’t have to be.”  (Keller and Galen p. 668)

“I am a witch and the daughter of a witch. Mine was the hand that took your power; mine was that hand that buried you in silence. Hecate was the most ancient of my mothers. Hecate's hand is my hand now.”  (Iliana p. 716)

“Boss, please!”  Winnie was almost crying, too.
“Let me die in peace,” Keller said, although she didn’t realize she was saying it aloud until she heard the words.  Then she added, “Don’t you cry, Winfrith.  You did a good job.”
“Boss, you’re not dying!  The blue fire did something—it healed us.”  (Winnie and Keller p. 719)

“People die . . . so love them every day.
Beauty fades . . . so look before it’s gone.
Love changes . . . but not the love you give.
And if you love, you’ll never be alone.”
(Galen p. 731)


icons_award_star_goldAdministrator would like to thank Christina Crowley for above quotes from these book series.



+11 # Galen page 731Bernadette 2011-10-02 00:39
i love all ljsmith's quotes. and there is one that caught my attention most and will always remember. Galen page 731. it's so beautiful and meaningful. We have to always express our love for a person because we never know when the life of our loved one will be gone. Only God can tell. 'beauty fades... so look before it's gone. everyone is beautiful in a unique way. we should always appreciate our own outer and inner beauty. 'and if you love, you'll never be alone' love is everything. we always feel happy and contented when we love and being loved. it makes our life meaningful and colorful. For me that is what every lines meant.
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+7 # Best series ever!miyan 2011-10-31 09:01
The Night World series really hooked me with its own unique theme. thanks for creating such a nice reading for your fans.
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Melody Canada
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Trust me- you are not the only one!
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Cecilia Ruiz
+4 # The Strange FateCecilia Ruiz 2012-01-02 14:26
I love the Night World Series, I been caught by the magic that the story holds. I would also would love what the future holds for any of the characters of the Night World Series. I just would like to say that many people that are in love with the series would love to know what their destinies are.
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i hope that there will be more problems to fight in more night books with many more characters after the book of strange fate i'm at a young age not even a teenager and i'm also obsessed with these books so uncanny as Lisa would say and supernatural books are truly better than shows especially yours Lisa i hope to be a writer like you some day and i haven't gotten a letter back yet did mine get delayed i thought it only took a few weeks since i live in New York and you in California
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jhenny ann
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i love all of your books!! i dont even know how you make them.. Ilove Night world the most thats why i just cant wait for the last book, strange fate..
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+1 # crazydeja 2012-03-09 10:38
I didnt know anything about the night world series or that l.j.smith made my 2 favorite shows i just found out a month ago when i went 2 my shcool library i read huntress and fell in love now i'm addicted and angry because my stupid school doesn't have all of them and ican't find them anywhere :cry: :sad: :D
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+1 # RE: The Night WorldDana 2012-04-14 01:28
What about this one:
"The peace was shattered. Nothing seemed quite so warm and wonderful anymore, and she knew that once Morgead got into one of his Excited States, he wouldn't stop yelling until he got what he wanted."
(Jezebel )
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+2 # Wonderful SeriesKrista 2012-04-23 15:44
I prefer Night World over the other series, there is no doubt about it. Thierry happens to be my favorite male, though I don't know why...
Anyway great series, great quotes!
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Tyla Tyrell
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This is such a great series! I lost count of how many times i read it! Your a awesome writer i love reading the Adventures you write for ever one. Can not wait to see what comes next!!! :-)
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+1 # WonderfulHelen 2012-07-01 13:30
All the quotes are so amazingly awesome. I especially love the one from James. The one he said something about you don't love a person because of what they wear or what they look like, you love them because they sing the song that only you can understand(some thing like that). I love it!
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+2 # daughters of darknessnova 2012-08-06 07:42
I love the quote about coming to a hick town and chasing a goat killer. its so sweet yet so funny.
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You no i wonder who the last WILD POWER is going to be and what there storys gonna be. Cuz they have gotten Jez,Delos,and Iliana. So have you ever wondered who the 4th is gonna be??
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The Night World is awesome but for me Black Dawn is the best.Plz tell me Delos won't die in the end.
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I started reading this series about 2-3 years ago. I feel bad for the people who've been waiting for Strange fate since the '90s.

Love the series. :lol:
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0 # witchlightGuest 2012-11-10 06:46
i love Galen and his words so powerful so true
people die...so luv them everyday
beauty fades...so look before its gone
love changes...but not the love you give
and if you love you will never be alone..lovely stuff...well done
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0 # Lj smithGuest 2013-01-22 13:52
Do you know when you will start on strange fate?
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0 # RE: Lj smithMichelle 2013-01-22 18:20
LJ is trying to put the finishing touches on Strange Fate as we speak! After she is finished, it still has to go through the publishing process. She gives forum members updates pretty frequently and also sometimes posts updates in her blog. Hope to see you in the forum!
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Please help me... I'm obsessed with these books! (On second thought... don't ;-))
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I am so excited to see what will come from the last book. Whenever it comes out, it will be spectacular. I'll cry forever.
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The first book of The Night World series was the first book I read y L. J. Smith and I loved it!!! :D :lol:
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