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Quotes from The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries

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The Awakening

Book_TheVampireDiaries1“But right now everything looks strange to me, as if I don’t belong here. It’s me that’s out of place. And the worst thing is that I feel there’s somewhere I do belong, but I just can’t find it.” (Elena p. 5)

“He’d never be accepted completely, of course. A bitter smile curved his lips at the idea. He knew better than to hope for that. There would never be a place where he could belong completely, where he could truly be himself. Unless he chose to belong to the shadows . . .” (Stefan p. 11) 

 “You will meet a tall, dark stranger,” Meredith murmured from behind her.  There were a flurry of giggles.
“Dark, yes, and a stranger . . . but not tall.”  Bonnie’s voice was hushed and faraway.  (p. 15)

“Oh, come on Elena.  You’ve already got Matt.  What more do you want?  What can you do with two that you can’t do with one?”
“The same thing—only longer,” drawled Meredith, and the group dissolved into laughter.
(Caroline and Meredith p. 17)

“Noblesse oblige,” Meredith said softly.
“If you’re going to be queen of the school, you have to put up with the consequences.” (p. 17)

“What’s the use of being queen of the school if you can’t pull a little rank sometimes?” returned Elena calmly.  (p. 22)

“I would have thought even you could understand such a simple sentence, Father.  Shall I repeat it in Latin for you?”  (Damon p. 32)

“You are telling me that I, Giuseppe, Conte di Salvatore, will have to face my friends knowing that my son is a scioparto? A ne’er-do-well? An idler who makes no useful contribution to Florence?” Servents were edging away as Giuseppe worked himself into a rage.
Damon did not even blink.  “Apparently. If you can call those who fawn on you in the hope that you will lend them money your friends." (p. 32-33)

“But what Stefan saw then was like a blow to his stomach.  Katherine was smiling—the little secret smile that she had often shared with him.  But she was not looking at him.  She was looking at Damon.”  (p. 35)

“Evil will never find peace. It may triumph, but it will never find peace.”  (Stefan’s tutor p. 36)

“Oh, so that’s why you’re dumping me,” said Matt as they started walking again.  “Because I’m too good for you. I should have realized that before.” (p. 39)

“I’m going to be young and beautiful in my coffin. Don’t you think that’s romantic?”
“No, I don’t.  I think it’s disgusting,” said Elena.  (Bonnie and Elena p. 53)

Bonnie: “And you told Frances not to tell anyone about him. . . .”
Elena: “Right. Which means that by, oh, say two o’clock, it ought to be all over the school.” (p. 76)

“Elena, you are incredible. You twist people around your little finger and I don’t think you even know you’re doing it. And now you’re going to ask me to do something to help you ambush Stefan, and I’m such a dumb sucker I might even agree to do it.” (Matt p. 85)

“Did you see that dress?” said Bonnie, squeezing Elena’s fingers secretly.  “The front must be held on with superglue. And what’s she going to wear to her next dance? Cellophane?” (p. 95)

“A gentleman doesn’t force his company on anyone,” [. . .] “He doesn’t insult a woman,” [. . .] “And, above all, he does not hurt her. . . .” (Stefan p. 110-111)

“Is that what it takes to get a word out of you? Does someone have to be nearly murdered?” (Elena p. 119)

“Elena felt Stefan`s lips meet hers. And . . . it was as simple as that. All questions answered, all fears put to rest, all doubts removed. What she felt was not merely passion, but a bruising tenderness and a love so strong it made her shake inside. It would have been frightening in its intensity, except that while she was with him, she could not be afraid of anything.” (p. 124-125)

“I am as strong as you are, brother, and I fear nothing in the shadows or the sunlight either. And I love Katherine more than friends or family—"
“—or your duty?  Do you love her enough to give up that as well?”
“Yes,” Stefan said defiantly.  “Enough to give up everything.”
(Stefan and Damon p. 137)

“Elena . . . For a moment he felt a rush of pure joy and awe, forgetting everything else. Elena, warm as sunlight, soft as morning, but with a core of steel that could not be broken. She was like fire burning in ice, like the keen edge of a silver dagger.”  (Stefan p. 138)

“Oh Stefan, I love you. . . .”  [. . .] “It doesn’t matter if you can say it right now.  I’ll say it for both of us.  And someday you’ll learn.”  (Elena p. 149)

“Interesting things happen in the dark . . . sometimes.” (Damon p. 164)

“But before she could grasp it, he did something extraordinary. He caught her reaching hand, not roughly but gently, and held it in his cool slender fingers. Then he turned her hand over, bent his dark head, and kissed her palm.” (Elena and Damon p. 178)

Stefan laughed bitterly.  “Do you know what the name Salvatore means in Italian, Elena?  It means salvation, savior.  I’m named that, and for St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr.  And I damned my brother to hell.”  (p. 229)

“Oh, Elena, I believe it. Whatever happens, we’ll be together." (Stefan p. 239)

“St. Stefan in a pique? Imagine. You’re distressed, I suppose, because of my little excursion into your territory. I only did it because I wanted to be close to you. Brothers should be close.” (Damon p. 241)

“Oh, no, dear brother. I never lie about anything important. Or do I mean unimportant? Anyway, your beauteous damsel nearly swooned into my arms. I think she likes men in black.” (Damon p. 242)

“I am warning you, Stefan, don’t oppose me. It doesn’t matter what I came here for. What I want now is Elena. And if you try to stop me from taking her, I will kill you.” (Damon p. 245)

“All she knew was that she needed to see him, to hear his voice, to feel his arms around her. Being away from him was like being separated from her own flesh.”  (Elena p. 250)



The Struggle

 Book_TheVampireDiaries2“My brother,” he went on, “is a fool. He thinks that because you look like Katherine you’re weak and easily led like her. But he’s wrong. I could feel your anger from the other side of town. I can feel it now, a white light like the desert sun. You have strength, Elena, even as you are. But you could be so much stronger. . . .” (Damon p.260)

“I can waken things inside you that have been sleeping all your life. You’re strong enough to live in the dark, to glory in it. You can become a queen of the shadows. Why not take that Power, Elena? Let me help you take it.” (Damon p.261)

“And that’s your final answer, today? Be very sure you want to play this game with me, Elena. The consequences are nothing to laugh about.”
"I am sure.”  She had to stop him before he got to her again.  “And you can’t intimidate me, Damon, or haven’t you noticed? The moment Stefan told me what you were, what you’d done, you lost any power you might have had over me. I hate you. You disgust me. And there’s nothing you can do to me, not any more.” (Damon and Elena p.263)

“There might be danger—of a kind you don’t know about.  It might be best for me to go alone.”
“Are you kidding?”  Bonnie said sticking her chin out.  “We love danger. I want to be young and beautiful in my grave, remember?” (Elena and Bonnie p.282)

“Well, let’s just say that going out with a murderer can put a cramp in your social life.” (Caroline p.323)“Well, if you can read my mind, you don’t need to ask me questions, do you?” (Elena p.324)

“Mind if I have a bite?” (Damon p.335)

He smiled at her.  “American folklore. Did you know, for instance, that a mole on the neck means you’ll be wealthy? Do you mind if I check?” (Damon p. 338)

“It’s ironic, but the stronger your Powers are, the more you’re affected by certain limitations. The more you belong to the dark, the more the rules of the dark bind you.” (Stefan p.345)

“The person who wrote this is five feet eleven inches tall, walks with a slight limp and wears a false moustache,” Meredith intoned.  “Sorry,” she added, seeing Elena’s face.  “Not funny.” (p.360)

"Am I going to give my car to the guy who stole my girlfriend and now wants to take a jaunt down south to get her some kind of special flowers she’s just got to have? Are you crazy?” (Matt p.363)

“The name is Salvatore. As in savior,” he said. (Damon p.406)

“And you and I are enemies, Damon. We can never be anything else.” (Elena p.408)

“By hook or by crook, as you people say –that’s a nice phrase—you’ll be mine before the next snow flies.” (Damon p. 410)

“I’d rather cut my throat,” she said.
“An intriguing thought. But I can do it so much more enjoyably." (Elena and Damon p.411)

“She could not move or look away. And this time she knew that it was no Power that he was using, but simply the wildfire attraction between them. It was useless to deny it; her body responded to his. She could feel his breath on her lips.” (Elena p.413)

“I guess you don’t have a way with animals,” she said to Damon, and took her seat at the table.
(Elena p.426)

“When Katherine died,” he said, “I thought I could never love anyone else. Even though I knew she would have wanted me to, I was sure it could never happen. But I was wrong.” (Stefan p.448)

“Don’t push me, Elena.”
She moved closer, so that she was almost touching him, and looked at him.  “I think,” she said, “that maybe you need to be pushed.” (Damon and Elena p.468)

“Well, that’s too bad because you’re going to have to tolerate it. I am never going to give Stefan up, not for anyone. Certainly not for you!” (Elena p.471)

“You shouldn`t have left me alive,” he told Damon.  “You should have killed both of us at once."
“I’ll be glad to correct the mistake!” (Stefan and Damon p.489)



The Fury

Book_TheVampireDiaries3"And who am I? Do you know who I am?"
She smiled up at him, showing him her pointed teeth.  "Of course I do. You’re Damon, and I love you." (Damon and Elena p. 10)

Stefan’s voice was quietly savage.  “That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it, Damon?  And now you’ve got it.  You had to make her like us, like you.  It wasn’t enough just to kill her.”  (p. 11)

“What more can you do to me?” Stefan returned.  “Killing me would be a mercy.”
“I ran out of mercy for you a century ago,” Damon said aloud.  (p. 12)

Damon’s lips were curved mockingly.  “And you gave up on her?  You, of all people, should have suspected what might happen.  Or was the idea so repugnant to you that you couldn’t even consider it?  Would you rather that she were really dead?”  (p. 15)

“And you’re not even sorry?  You don’t even regret it”
“Why should I?” said Stefan coldly, emptily.  “Do you regret it when you eat too much steak?  Feel sorry for the cow?”  (Matt and Stefan p. 36)

“She had to find Stefan.  If there was any help for her, he would know of it.  And if there wasn’t . . . well, she needed him all the more.  There was nowhere else she wanted to be except with him.”  (Elena p. 49)

“No one is what they appear.”  (Bonnie p. 56)

“Very touching,” said a voice from the stairway.  “Do you want me to imitate a violin?”  (Damon p. 60)

“I can’t go down there.  They think I’m dead!”
“Oh, you’ve remembered that.  Good for you.”
(Elena and Damon p. 66)

“If you’re looking for evil,” Stefan said harshly, “you don’t have to look far.”
“Don’t be any more stupid than you can help,” said Damon.  (p. 72)

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn about anyone else,” Damon said charmingly.  (p. 73)

“I told Stefan from the beginning that he was selfish not to share you.  Brothers should share things, you know.”  (Damon p. 75)

“I’m sorry, Elena; I’m sorry I don’t care what you are; I’m just glad you’re back.  It’s been terrible without you.”  (Bonnie p. 87)

“Be sensible, Bonnie.  You don’t get to be a vampire by yourself.  Somebody has to make you one.”  (Meredith p. 88)

“I told you nobody that gorgeous could be a psycho killer.”
“I think,” said Meredith with a glance at Elena, “that you had better forget about Damon as a love interest.” (Bonnie and Meredith p. 96)

“Oh, Bonnie, honestly,” Meredith said.  “Vicky is a victim, not a suspect.  And if Matt’s an evil Power, I’m the hunchback of Notre Dame.”  (p. 98)

“Yes, you have.  Don’t play games with me, Damon –the cemetery, remember?  The ruined church?  The girl you left wandering in her slip?”
“Sorry, no.  And I usually do remember girls I leave wondering in their slips.”  (Elena and Damon p. 171)

“Katherine,” he said.  He was still smiling.
“Yes.”  She leaned closer.
“Katherine . . .”
“Yes, Damon?”
“Go to hell.”
(p. 221-222)



Dark Reunion

Book_TheVampireDiaries4“Mouse sandwiches and open graves?”  Meredith arched and elegant eyebrow.  “I think you’re getting Stephen King mixed up with Lewis Carrol.”  (p. 258)

“Swift on the heel thou comest,
Thrice summoned by my spell,
Thrice troubled by my burning.
Come to me without delay.”
(Bonnie p. 303)

 “Little brother, the world is full of what you call ‘wrong,’ he said.  “Why not relax and join the winning side?  It’s much more fun, I assure you.”  (Damon p. 305)

“You can pretend you don’t care.  You can fool the whole world.  But I know differently.”  It would have been kindest at this point to leave Damon alone, but Stefan wasn’t in a kind mood.  “You know that girl you picked up, Rachael?” he added.  “The hair was all right, but her eyes were the wrong color.  Elena’s eyes are blue.”  (p. 308-309)

“That’s Damon’s way, maybe!  But just because it’s hopeless doesn’t mean it’s all right to stop fighting.  Even if I knew it was hopeless, I’d still have to try.  I have to try, damn it!”  (Matt p. 361)

“There’s no excuse for giving up just because it looks like we’re going to lose.  We have to try –because the other choice is to surrender.”  (Stefan p. 361)

“Elena wouldn’t like it, she thought, just as his lips touched hers.  Yes, that was it.  But the problem was, she didn’t have the strength to say it.  The warmth was growing, rushing out to all parts of her, from her fingertips to the soles of her feet.  His lips were cool, like silk, but everything else was so warm.  She didn’t need to be afraid; she could just let go and float on this.  Sweetness rushed through her . . .” (Bonnie about Damon p. 367)

“Breaking and entering and grand theft, library book,” Meredith remarked.  “I wonder what you get for that these days?”  (p. 373)

“Tyler, you know what you are?  You’re a bully,” Bonnie said.  “And bullies always talk.”  (p. 395)

“Ask me anything else and I’ll do it,” Stefan said.  The killer would have to shred him nerve from nerve, muscle from muscle, cell from cell to make him leave her.  (p. 433)

Damon’s voice was no louder than before.  “Get away from my brother.”  Bonnie could feel it inside him, a swell of Power like a tsunami.  He continued, so softly that Bonnie had to strain to hear him, “Before I tear your heart out.” (p. 489)

Elena gasped back, “I can touch you!  I’m here!”  She grabbed the leaves again.  “I can touch the ground!”
“I can see you touching it!”  (Elena and Bonnie p. 513)

“You’re not as different from us as you want us to think,” Matt said.  (p. 517)

“Dear Diary,
Oh, it’s all too much to explain and you wouldn’t believe it anyway.  I’m going to bed.” (Bonnie p. 520)




The Return: Nightfall

Book_TheVampireDiaries5“Would you believe it, this little dust speck of town has some pretty decent shopping. I like shopping.”
“You like stealing, you mean. And that doesn’t account for half of what I can smell on you. Are you dying or have you just gone crazy?” (Damon and Stefan p. 24)

“I didn’t steal these things, boy.  I paid for them—in my own coin.  Dreams, fantasies, and pleasure from beyond this world.”  (Damon p. 25)

“So you kissed a girl, so what?”  Bonnie exploded.  “What do you think, you’re going to grow a beard now?”  (p.49)

“Don’t call on Hell,” he said in a very low voice.  “Not here. Not now. Because Hell might hear and call back.”
“As if it already hadn’t,” Caroline said, and in that moment, she was pitiful—broken and pathetic.  (Stefan and Caroline p.70)

“Talking or not talking, walking or floating, she has the Power,” Stefan said.  “Enough to drive ordinary vampires crazy.  Crazy enough to hurt her to get it. And she doesn’t kill - or wound. At least, I can’t imagine her doing that. What I’m hoping,” he said, and his face darkened, “is that I can take her somewhere where she’ll be . . . protected.” (Stefan p.92)

“I felt a fight,” Stefan said.  “When did you become Peter Pan?”
“You should be glad you weren’t in the fight. And I can fly because I have the Power, boy.” (Stefan and Damon p.132)

“Well, now, look at you,”  Damon said with all the sarcasm that he could call up—and that turned out to be quite a lot.  Is that a halo? Did you get canonized while I wasn’t looking? Am I addressing St. Stefan now?”
Stefan’s telepathic response was unprintable.  “Where are Meredith and Matt?” he added fiercely.
“Or,” continued Damon, exactly as if Stefan hadn’t spoken, “could it be that you merit congratulation for having learned the art of deception at last?” (p.133)

“I told the truth!”
“Going to take it up as a hobby?” (Damon and Stefan p.152)

“You went beyond the call of duty.”
“With you, little brother, one never knows where the duty ends. Tell me, what does infinity looks like?” (Stefan and Damon p.156)

“His name is Matt, Damon. It’s not hard to remember.”
”It is if you have absolutely no interest in him. There are too many lovely ladies in this vicinity to make him anything but last choice for a snack.” (Stefan and Damon p.158)

“You're talking!”
“I know I am.”
“And making sense!”
“Thank you kindly.”
“And in sentences!”
“I've noticed.”
(Stefan and Elena p. 178-179)

“Tell me you’ll love me forever.”
“I’ll love you forever.
“No matter what happens.”
“Elena, Elena –I’ve loved you as mortal, as vampire, as pure spirit, as spiritual child—and now as human again.”
“Promise we’ll be together.”
“We’ll be together.”
(Elena and Stefan p.180)

“I thought you had gravity!”
”So did I! What do I do?”
“Think heavy thoughts!”
“What if it doesn’t work?”
“We’ll buy you an anchor!”
(Stefan and Elena p.185)

“I was going to say, you don’t look right today,” Bonnie said anxiously.
“Thank you,” Matt snapped.
Tears pooled in Bonnie’s brown eyes.  “I didn’t mean—”
But she didn’t get to finish.  Meredith and Elena drew in protectively around her in the solid phalax of what they called “velociraptor sisterhood.”  It meant anyone messing with one of them was messing with them all.  (p. 187)

“I wouldn’t try it on those girls.”  Damon smiled without humor.  His eyes were narrow.  “Granted, they look about as strong as wet tissue paper—but they’re tougher than you’d think, and they’re toughest of all when one of them is in danger.”  (p. 197)

But, well, her games usually have the effect of destroying a town.  Eventually.  Not all at once.”
Damon shrugged, “This flyspeck of a village isn’t going to be missed. Of course, I get my girls out first.”  Now it was his voice that held an open warning.  (Damon and Shinichi p.198)

“Whatever. I just won’t have Elena hurt, is all. Or the little red-headed witch.”
“Ah, yes, sweet Bonnie. I wouldn’t mind one or two like her.  One for Samhain and one for the Solstice.”
Damon snorted drowsily. “There aren’t two like her; I don’t care where you look. I won’t have her hurt either.”  (Damon p. 201-202)

“Who the hell are you?”
“I’m the hell Shinichi. But, as I told your brother, most people call me Shinichi. Of course it’s up to you.” (Stefan and Shinichi p.220)

“A long time ago I swore I’d have him even If it killed us both,” she said quietly.  “If he thinks he can just walk away from me, for my own good or for any other reason . . . he’s wrong. I’ll go to Damon first, since Stefan seems to want it so much. And then I’m going after him.”  (Elena p.229)

“And then, if he’s done this of his own free will, he’s going to get the bitch-slapping of his life.”  (Elena p. 229)

“How was it?”
“How was what?”
“Kissing Damon, you nitwit!”
“Ohhhh.”  Bonnie melted back into the bucket seat.  “It was like . . . kapow! Zap! Zowie! Like . . . fireworks.”  (Meredith and Bonnie p.275-276)

“Why do people always assume that volume will succeed when logic won’t?” Damon murmured.  (p. 302)

“Yeah, tell me I’m a bottle of single malt scotch, she thought. That’s the way to my heart.”  (Elena p. 369)

“Come on, it’s an American tradition. Apple soup? Mom’s homemade chicken pie?”
She chuckled in spite of herself, then winced. “It’s apple pie and Mom’s homemade chicken soup. But you didn’t do badly, for a start.”  (Damon and Elena p. 432)

“Feeling better?” he asked.
“As warm as chicken-apple soup.”
“I’m never going to hear the end of that, am I?”
(Damon and Elena p. 439)

“And just then Damon stepped out of the coat closet, and at the same time Aunt Maggie tripped him neatly and said, “Bathroom door beside you,” and picked up a vase and hit the rising Damon over the head with it. Hard.” (p.489)

“For a moment, as Damon glanced toward Elena, their gazes met and something electric passed between them. It made Elena tingle all over, that look did.”  (p. 554)“I am not an angel and I am not a spirit. I'm Elena Gilbert and I've been to the Other Side. And right now I'm ready to do whatever needs to be done, which seems to include kicking some ass!”  (p. 565)




The Return: Shadow Souls

Book_TheVampireDiaries6“It’s as if the world is full of honeybees and I'm the only flower.”  (Elena p. 14)

Elena nodded.  “You’re sure you’ll be able to find us?  I am trying to hold my aura down, really?”
“Listen, a fire-engine-red Jaguar in whatever flyspeck of a town you find down this road is going to be as conspicuous as a UFO,” Damon said.  (Elena and Damon p. 37)

 “She cared about Damon.  She really did.  It was usually difficult being with him because they were alike in so many ways.  Headstrong, each wanting their own way, passionate, impatient . . . She and Damon were alike.  Small shock waves were going through Elena, and her entire body felt weak.”  (p. 84)

“Elena could live without Stefan—she thought.  But just as being away from Meredith and Bonnie was like living without her two hands, living without Stefan would be like living without her heart.  He was her partner in the Great Dance; her equal and her opposite; her beloved and her lover in the purest sense imaginable.  He was the other half of the Sacred Mysteries of Life to her.”  (p. 91-92)

“He was so gentle, but almost fierce in his love for her. He had
vowed not to kill, but he would kill to save her. She was his most
precious thing in all the world. . . . Any sacrifice would be worth it if she were safe and free. His life meant nothing without her, so he would gladly give it, laughing and kissing his hand to her with his last breath.” (Elena’s dream p. 110)“I don’t belong anywhere, Damon pointed out, suddenly sounding sad.  You know I’ll always be with you.”  (p. 112)

“But I’ve figured it out, at last.  I know what you really are, Elena.”
For half a minute Elena sat in shocked silence.  “If you do, then I might as well tell you right now that no one will believe you.”
“Maybe not,” Damon said, “especially if they’re human.  But vampires are programmed to recognize the aura of a maiden.  And you are unicorn-bait, Elena.”  (Damon and Elena p. 129)

Bonnie said quietly, “Do you ever sort of slip and get that feeling like, ‘Oh, whoops, there goes the whole universe’?”  (p. 149-150)

“Long ago she’d given her life for Damon as well as for Stefan, and Damon had not exactly turned over a new leaf as she’d requested.  Half a leaf, maybe.  A leaflet.”  (Elena p. 196)

“There was nothing sweeter in her life these days than Damon’s kisses.  She could drift life this forever, forgetting the outside world.  And that was a good thing, because she had the feeling that there was much depression in the outside and not too much happiness.  But if she could always come back to this, this welcome, this sweetness, this ecstasy . . .” (Elena p. 210)

Elena turned to look at him.  He was serious.  “Well then why did you kill him?” she challenged.
“Are you joking?”  Damon gave her a shock with the vehemence and venom of his thoughts.  “He hurt you.  I should have killed him more slowly,” he added, ignoring one of the litter bearers who was kneeling beside him, undoubtedly asking him what to do next.  (p. 226)

“That was when she felt his mouth lightly brush her mouth.  And then she just thought, Oh! and Oh Damon . . . until he moved to gently touch her cheek with his silky soft tongue, manipulating chemicals first to make cleansing blood flow, and finally when the impurities had all been so softly swept away, to stop the blood and to heal the wound.  She could feel his Power now, the dark Power that he had used in a thousand fights, to inflict hundreds of mortal wounds, being held tightly in check to concentrate on this simple, homely task, to heal the mark of a whiplash on a girl’s cheek.  Elena thought it was like being stroked with the petals of that Black Magic rose, its cool smooth petals gently sweeping away the pain, until she shivered in delight.”  (p. 239-240)

Sheriff Mossberg was one of those people who never stop speaking until
they are finished, so by this time he was saying: “Do you understand
these rights?”
“No, sir! Mi ne komprenas Dumbtalk!”  (Sheriff Mossberg and Matt p. 306)

“There's nothing to read into. I'm just here to collect my beloved Damon and Stefan is just helping me.”
Bonnie looked at her with her brows knitted and her mouth pursed, but didn’t venture a word.
“Did I just say what I thought I said?”
(Elena and Bonnie p. 406)

“You say I always make you say it first, so I’ll confound you.  I love you, Elena.”  (Stefan p. 445)

“And now, certainly, Elena felt like a flame. We were meant to be this way. She couldn’t remember if it was an old quote of Damon’s or something new he was just barely whispering to her mind now. Like two flames that join and merge into one.” (Elena p.476)

“I know what you see in the dark.  You’re the bravest person I know.”  (Elena to Bonnie p. 501)

“The hell with your secrets,” shouted Bonnie.
“Language, language! How about this: One of you has kept a secret all
their life, and is doing so even now. One of you is a murderer—and I am
not speaking of a vampire, or a mercy killing, or anything like that. And
then there is the question of the true identity of Sage—good luck on your
research there!  One of you has already had their memory erased—and I don’t mean
Damon or Stefan. And what about the secret, stolen kiss? And then there is
the question of what happened the night of the motel, that it seems that nobody
but Elena can recall. You might ask her sometime about her theories about
Camelot.”  (Bonnie and Shinichi p. 582-583)

“We who are so lucky as to be born into the light –who see it everyday and never think about it, are blessed.  We could have been born shadow souls who live and die in crimson darkness, never even knowing that somewhere there is something better.” (Elena p. 593)

“You have to breathe,” Sage was shouting in Damon's ear. “Take a breath, as if you were going to speak, but then hold onto it, as if raising your Power.  Think about your insides. Get those lungs working!”
The words confused Elena.
“There!" cried Sage. "You see?”
“But it only lasts an instant. Then I need to do it again.”
“But, yes, that is the point!”
“I tell you I'm dying and you laugh at me?” a disheveled Damon shouted. “I'm blind, deaf, my senses are haywire-and you laugh!”  (Sage and Damon p. 595)




The Return: Midnight

Book_TheVampireDiaries7“You forgot all about me.  You were holding me, but you completely forgot my existence . . .”
“If only,” he thought bitterly.  “You’re branded on my soul.”  (Elena and Damon p. 26)


“And she had been born to love Stefan; She knew that! Once he’d been willing to marry her. Well, since then she’d been a vampire, a spirit, and a new incarnation dropped from the sky, and she could hope that one day he would be willing to marry that new Elena, too. (p. 32)


“There was no better place to be, or anything else either of them really wanted now, Elena thought and turned her face up as Stefan turned his down and they began with a long slow kiss.  And then the kiss turned molten, and Elena had to cling to Stefan, who was already holding her with arms that could have cracked granite, but only squeezed her exactly as tightly as she wanted them to.”  (p. 141)

“I don’t want your filthy slave,” he snarled.  “I want my own back! She’s worth . . .”  Here e came to a stop, trying to calculate how many ordinary girls Bonnie was worth.  A hundred?  A thousand?  “She is worth infinitely more—” he began, when the landlady surprised him by interrupting.  (Damon p. 177)

“We need to have a little chat,” he said, turning the full force of his menacing dark eyes on the bulging ones of his prey.  “About just how she got confiscated.  Don’t struggle.  If you haven’t hurt the girl, you’ve nothing to fear.  If you have . . .”  He pulled the terrified man completely across the counter and said very softly,” If you have, then, by all means struggle.  It won’t make any difference in the end—if you know what I mean?”  (Damon p. 181-182)

“I’m not as good as you,” he said while Elena’s heart pounded in shame and remorse for ever having touched Damon, ever having danced with him, ever having kissed him.  “If you are happy, that’s all I want, after that prison.  I can live; I can die . . . peacefully.”  (Stefan p. 202)

“She felt his soul, pure and unconstrained, swirling around her with a thousand different emotions, tears from his past, joy from the present, all open without a trace of his shield from her.  She felt her own soul lift to meet his, herself unshielded and unafraid.  Stefan had long ago seen any selfishness, vanity, over-ambition in her—and forgiven it.  He’d seen all of her and loved all of her, even the bad parts.”  (Elena p. 210)

She’d known it.  He was a bully.  Bullies wanted to hear that things hurt or that people were miserable.  The ogre lifted her so that her face was level with Shinichi’s.  “Excited about your one-way trip?”
“Thrilled,” she said expressionlessly.  (Shinichi and Bonnie p. 225)

And now Damon was saying, “I’m afraid Ms. McCullough has another engagement at the moment.  But I will be back to kick your ass—immediately.  Move from this room and I will kill you all, slowly.  Thank you for your time and consideration.”  (p. 240)

“They hurt you, didn’t they, little redbird?  I saw . . . I saw your face,” Damon said in his new choked up voice.  Bonnie didn’t know what to say.  But suddenly she didn’t mind how hard he squeezed her.  She even found herself squeezing back.  Suddenly to her shock, Damon broke her koala-bear grip and pulled her up and kissed her on the lips very gently.  (p. 241)

Matt reached his snapping point.  “No, we were not on a date, no she did not give me a hickey, and when I tell Mr. Forbes you called Caroline hot stuff, winky, winky, he’s gonna get you fired, mister.  And I’ve heard of mixed signals, but I’ve never seen them.  I can hear ‘no’ as well as you can, and I figure one ‘no’ means ‘no’!”  (263)

“They were so happy together that Elena knew that soon the entire universe would echo with their own joy, which overflowed like pure light and transformed everything it touched.”  (Elena and Stefan p. 286)

And then, to her total astonishment, Damon, the ever-composed, brand-new vampire blurted, “I’m sorry.  I didn’t think about how that place would be for you.  Is there anything that will make you feel better?”  Bonnie blinked.  Damon didn’t apologize.  Damon famously didn’t apologize, or explain, or speak so nicely to people, unless he wanted something from them.  (p. 289)

“Damon!  I see you!  You wait right there—I’m coming to kill you!”  (Elena p. 331)

“No one is alone.  Not really.  No one is ever alone.”  (Elena p. 496)

“Will you remember?  For me?  Just that . . . I loved once—just once, really, in my whole life.  Can you remember that I loved you?  That makes my life . . . worth . . . something . . . His voice faded.  (Damon to Elena p. 497)

“Stefan was the one who . . . the one she loved.  But he’d never understood that love was not singular.  He’d never understood that she could be in love with Damon and that it would never change an atom’s worth of her love for him.”  (Elena p. 513)

“Elena wanted to go to him.  To scold him, to hold him.  To tell Stefan that she loved him just as much, drop for drop, grain for grain.”  (p. 521)

“Wait.” Stefan’s voice was hard suddenly. Bonnie and Elena turned back and froze, embracing each other, trembling. “What is your—your father—going to do to you when
he finds out that you allowed this?”
“He will not kill me,” Sage said brusquely, the wild tone back in his voice. “He may even find it as amusant as I do, and we will be sharing a belly laugh tomorrow.”  (p. 525)

“If you touch her again, you vicious bitch, I will rip out your throat,” Stefan said, and each word was like a chip of ice-cold iron dropped onto the floor.  (p. 550)

"Stefan,” Elena managed to at last to whisper.
“I know. She’s weaker than I am and you don’t want to see me kill her. That’s why she’s still alive, love. it’s the only reason.” (p. 551)

“Yes. That was Stefan. Her love, but not her lover, willing to love her chastely from now until the end of her days. . . .”  (p. 554)

“She was glad, so glad, that in the end Damon had died to save Bonnie.  Elena herself needed no more proof of his feelings about her.  She would always love Damon, and she would never allow anything to diminish that love.”  (Elena p. 564-565)



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Seif Eddin Omar
+13 # I Love this SectionSeif Eddin Omar 2011-09-30 01:46
Haha first to comment!
I love this quotation section.. brings back such amazing memories.
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+4 # love bamonveronica 2011-10-02 12:25
me encantan lo momentos bamon son tan dulces sobre todo los de dark reunion, nightfall y midnight.
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Bonnie and Damon are the best! i love the book!
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I love Bonnie and Damon. They're my favorite characters!! Team Bamon!!!!!!!!!!
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+11 # DelenaAna 2011-10-16 12:53
I liked a lot of the quotes that were posted on the website. But in my opinion the last book (Midnight) was not centered between Damon and Bonnie but between Damon and Elena. I'm a fan of Delena, but I will not deny that in this last book Damon's character really showed that he had strong feelings for Bonnie, but as he said in the scene where he was dying, he loved only once, and this love went to Elena and not to Bonie
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+6 # BAMON ALL THE WAYBAMON! 2011-10-23 18:29
this is for Delena up there. I realize that Damon said he has only loved one person in his life, but you can tell he really has a soft spot for Bonnie. He loves her but he's not over his obsession with Elena so he doesn't realize it. In the next three books there's sure to be full Bamon!
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Ratheka Patel
+6 # NostalgiaRatheka Patel 2011-10-24 05:24
Aww! Reading all of these quotes again makes me want to re-read and re-live TVD again! ): Too bad I'm short on time!
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+8 # RE: The Vampire Diarieslex 2011-10-30 19:24
I love all of the Vampire Diaries books I read all of them but I wish another one would come out because right DAmon is either dead or just a little bit alive and I really need to know what happens next. I don't want one that written to fit closer to the TV show because I like the book. If i want to know whats going on in the TV show then I watch it. So please write just one more book for me. It doesn't even have to be long just let me know what happens. :sigh:
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+3 # RE: RE: The Vampire DiariesLisyRee 2012-01-31 05:27
Totally agree with you Lex, I just re-read the books and finished Midnight literally just then and was like, "WHAT HAPPEN TO DAMON???" coz I'd forgotten that there wasn't another book, just a short one telling us what happens would be AMAZING XD
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+3 # Damonmichaela 2011-11-02 01:06
my favorite character from the vampire diaries no character holds and candle to him in my eyes.
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Tiare Santander
+3 # RE: The Vampire DiariesTiare Santander 2011-11-14 10:24
me encantan las citas de bonnie es tan especial, solo desearia que hubiese mas bamon en los libros, hacen tan linda pareja!
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-6 # Delena foreverJB HI-FI 2011-11-28 11:42
I cried so hard when damon dies and am so glad about the new book. Damon and Elena forever but we all know that in the end there will be no Delena but I think Bamon (not much of a ring to it is there?) is about as unlikely. Matt and Bonnie are perfect though
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0 # TOTALLY DELENALeslee 2012-01-31 01:46
IF THERE IS A BAMON I WILL CRY!!!!!!!AND SCREAM!!!!!!!!! She can't take Elena's place in his heart, and even if they get together she WILL never take Elena spot in his heart and he will never truly love Bonnie because he loves Elena and only Elena!! GO DELENA!!!!!!!!! !!!!! What are thoughts on STELENA
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-1 # DELENA!JB HI-FI 2011-11-28 11:50
I must say I don't like the new ghost-writer they're no good but if it gives me my daily dose of damon then I guess i'll have to deal. I can't wait for the next book only a few more months until March! And even less for the TVD TV series
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Christina Crowley
+7 # RE: DELENA!Christina Crowley 2011-12-04 12:47
Discussion of ghostwritten books is not encouraged or appreciated.
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-3 # DELENA!!!!!!!!! !Leslee 2012-01-31 01:43
I CAN"T WAIT FOR MARCH!!!!!!!!!! !!!I have to wait sooooo long!! I don't understand ghost-writers they're exactly the same as if Lj was writing them, I couldn't even tell the diff. I love the show!!!!! IM THE BIGGEST FAN!!!!!LOVE YOU DAMON SALVATORE!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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+1 # bookaneesha 2012-08-11 00:18
is there another book after the 7th one?
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+3 # The Vampire DiariesNeli 2011-12-27 21:42
Wow! I've only read the first 2 stories The Awakening and The Struggle and I'm literally hooked! I'm going out and buying the net books ASAP!
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+3 # Vampire DiaresHannah 2011-12-29 12:53
I absoulty LOVE the Vampire Diares!I agree with Seif Eddin Omar, the quoations deffiantly bring back good memories! I mean I love these books so much and I am probably one of the biggest Vampire Diaries nerds out their I mean I cried so HARD in the last book (in school none the less) Hahaha! But these quotes do bring back great memories!
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+1 # Vampire DiariesLeslee 2012-01-31 01:39
I know what you mean!! I was reading the last book in the car and it came to the part where-you know crying- and I was trying that hard not to cry it was hurting my eyes! I had to skip parts because I cpuldn't take it!! Eventually I had to stop because I couldn't see the words-crying sooo hard. Then later I went back to the book and I cried eough to fill a swimming pool!! And as soon as you think it's over I can't cry anymore it keeps going and you cry some more!! But all the same good memories!
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+4 # What about shinichiAndrea 2011-12-31 17:15
It seems to me that im the only shinichi fan, but come on! Poor guy must have gone through a lot before trying to kill everyone in Fell's church. I mean he can't help being insane. I guess all he needed was some love. I'm sure he could've been good. :(
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+2 # Go kitsuneBree 2011-12-31 17:57
Your not alone Andrea , you know how shinichi said "But I Will have you, golden Elena,"( page 446, Midnight).and it's kinda funny how Shinichi was never wrong about the things he said! So your wright Shinichi does need some love, but I think It should have been from Elena.Sorry you vampire fans but that's just my opinion.
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+1 # I love ShinchiGuest 2014-02-09 11:49
I love Shinichi too. Although, Id rather see him with Bonnie. I would love it if Shinichi joined Elena's team. I wish LJ Smith would keep writing and bring Shinichi back. I think it was kind of unfair to kill the twins off so quickly. I think Shinichi also needed more background info. wouldn't it have been cool if the white kitsune in Shadow Souls was actually Shinichi?! Anyway, I guess you could call me a Shonnie fan.
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+1 # RE: The Vampire Diariesvik 2012-01-09 15:18
i love damon&elena!
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Maria Solovyov
+4 # DelenaMaria Solovyov 2012-03-03 12:15
I will always love Damon and Elena , they hold a special place in my heart. when I was younger I liked Stefan and Elena because they have the fairy tale love but as I grow up ( I always preferred Delena) I realized that what DE have is true mature love. every girl wants her prince charming and it might be Stefan but when you grow up you realize what you really want and I think Elena was afraid to hurt Stefan , but DE are twin flames , one soul divided to two bodies and they truly belong together , always.
about Bamon , they are cute , but I can't stand them , Damon needs someone strong his equal and that is Elena. Bonnie is someone who you want to protect , maybe Damon had a soft spot for her but he didn't love her. his one true love was always Elena , he said so himself while he was dying.
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Jessi Rose
+5 # Delena love!Jessi Rose 2012-04-01 11:55
The quotes in Midnight just eat my heart out. Everything that Damon says to Elena just makes me BAWL!
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0 # why? Cause we love DELENA?!!!Thana 2012-08-08 17:03
Am I the only one that I wish I did not read what I read? Why Damon? After all he just die like this and for Bonnie!! Ohhhhhh no please don't make Damon also die at the show cause I will die with him. I can't imagine TVD with out Damon this so not fair, I really cried so hard when Damon was dying and what he told Elena. I can't imagine this happening in front of my eyes,this is so painful :o . Stefan the one who must die not Damon ( sorry Stefan & stelena's fan) . Just please DO NOT let Damon die at the show this is really big big mistake. And what the hell BAMON!!!!!!!!! Bonnie hates Damon which is sweet and he turns her mother into vampire. DELENA IS THE END GAME GIVE UP. I DON'T WANT THE BOOKS ( THERE IS DELENA MUCH MORE THAN STELENA OR EVEN YOUR LITTLE BAMON) I hate you Bonnie you don't know how much I hate you now
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Jack Llewellyn
+1 # RE: why? Cause we love DELENA?!!!Jack Llewellyn 2012-08-27 05:57
Bonnie McCullough is a lot different to Bonnie Bennett.
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+2 # RE: why? Cause we love DELENA?!!!Guest 2012-12-03 13:11
try not to compare the books and the tv show theyre so different (wich i hated at first but ive grown to love the show almost as much as the books)
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+5 # BreathtakingIsabel01 2012-08-21 02:03
I cried so hard at the end of midnight I couldn't even see! The vampire Diaries are the only books that seem to make me cry! I wish L.J. Smith could have carried on writing the Vampire Diaries. Her words seemed to hold me so tight and fill me with so much emotion, especially when Damon was lying there dying it was breathtaking... ........
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+1 # TVDGuest 2013-01-28 05:07
i love the books!bt ghostwritten books made me puke!it doesnt hav any intensity or passion tat the actual author had...its just so unfair...we hav the right to knw how the author wudve written it...the story feels so incomplete...so wrong...im all for delena...bt the way it ended was wrong! even if the authot had ended it wid stelene i wudnt mind...bt i want HER to end it...which i knw wud be a fantastic end! cant u plz plz write ur version??? dont publish it in books...just in ur site? oh pretty plz! i hate incomplete stories :(
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+2 # RE: TVDMichelle 2013-01-28 05:32
Her hands are legally tied. She cannot write about TVD anymore. :cry:
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+1 # GottarhymeGuest 2014-05-08 03:04
LJ Smith continued to write the books as fanfiction,you can still read her novels!
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Nicole Lamont
+1 # AwesomeNicole Lamont 2013-07-12 08:52
I Love stelena! :lol:
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+1 # GreatGuest 2014-10-06 12:16
This is funny. I have read all the books, but in Slovak. You have got seven books, but we ´ve got 10 diffrent books :-) it took a lot of time to read it all :lol:
Missing Damon :sad:
The BEST books EVER!!
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+1 # ElleGuest 2014-10-11 06:19
Ratings are down for Season 6 because they killed off two of the shows main characters. Damon shouldn't have died.
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loved the quotesssssss < :D stefan is the love of my life
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