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Forbidden Game available June 8th is not a Children's Book!

on 29 May 2010. Posted in 2010

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Just wanted to mention this to anyone who has seen it misclassified by Amazon—which for some reason is intractable about changing classifications.., even if the publisher is telling them it’s wrong.

Forbidden Game, as those of you who’ve read it will know, is probably the, um, most adult of my YA books, and gorgeous, white-haired, blue-eyed Julian, (the guy from the Shadow World), is second to Damon as my most popular bad boy. The story is about how Julian falls in love with Jenny as a child, and then one day reveals himself (it happens to be her human boyfriend’s birthday) and challenges her and the guests at the party to play his Game. Actually, they don’t really have much of a choice.

Julian’s objective is to make Jenny his own, body and soul. But the Rules say that he can only touch her as she touches him. So once she touches his hand—her own hand is fair game for his caresses. . . If she touches his hair, he can stroke hers. And so on and so on, as Julian is as relentless as a stalking tiger. He may not be a vampire, but he certainly has all the powers of one, and Jenny finds herself drawn to him helplessly even as she tries to stay loyal to the good in her nature.

Forbidden Game is sort of a companion to Dark Visions, in that they were the first two trilogies I wrote for Simon & Schuster. If you liked Dark Visions, you’ll love Forbidden Game!

For the veterans out there who have requested it, yes, I am considering writing a sequel of some kind . . . after Strange Fate, definitely!

Also, my two real children’s books (middle grade) The Night of the Solstice and Heart of Valor, are already out, with pretty covers, for once! That makes me happy.

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