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LATEST: Twin Fox Ring Contest & Forbidden Game Update!!

on 18 May 2010. Posted in 2010

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Due to the overwhelming response to the twin fox ring contest, the winners will not be declared until July 1-15.  I simply have far too many emails that I have to match up with a random number generator in order to randomly pick the winners.  And, I am still hard at work on Midnight. The last of the Vampire Diaries Returns: All about Damon. Don't worry!  There will be other books about the Vampire Diaries crowd out soon after Midnight.

Also, I would like to remind everyone that about half my reader's (from when it was first published) favorite trilogy is coming out on June 8.

The Forbidden Game is about a boy from the Shadow World, breathtakingly handsome, with silvery white hair and electric blue eyes who falls in love with a human girl, Jenny.  Julian immediately traps Jenny and her friends inside a game that looks like her own house, and lets loose anything that he thinks will scare her---when he's not trying to lure her into his arms.

Jenny discovers a potent weapon: Julian can only touch her if she has touched him first--and only on the same place.  Strong, but gentle heroine, and the bad boy my fans have always kept at the top of the list . . .  It may not be about vampires but it is about a human girl being slowly, bit by bit seduced into another world.  Please pass on the word if you can!  Thank you!

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