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For Kristyne D., who said an answer would make her life . . .

on 07 November 2010. Posted in 2010

. . . but whose server won't accept my email.

Hi Krissy--

I definitely want to make your life, but I'd have answered your email anyway, because you seem to understand that Damon is dealing with all sorts of pressures. Not simply because he is suddenly human (and in danger of dying because he can't eat even steak tartar), but because the great stone ball where he kept his feelings away from him is shattered. So he's dealing with suddenly degraded senses and reflexes, suddenly released sexual feelings (which my publishers won't let me say outright in the book), and a lot of unhappiness that he, being Damon and no saint, wants to spread around.

I'm really pleased that you read the books before watching the TV show. Several readers have the two mixed up, or think that I write both (I'd have to have multiple personalities).

I think it's wonderful that you write!  Are you going to try to get your stories published?

I'm glad, too, that Damon has doubters, or I wouldn't be doing my job.  But, as you know, it's always more fun writing about a bad boy who suddenly regrets his actions and has to come to terms with them. I think that you'll find that in Midnight, Damon is both more angry and nasty, and more repentant, than he has ever been before. And although he's a bad boy, if he were cruel to either Bonnie or Elena, and then didn't repent and try to make amends, he would just be a horrible person and not worthy of anyone's attention.

Thank you for a lovely letter. And thanks for taking a balanced view on a book that isn't even out yet!  I don't even know if you have an affiliation!



0 # DamonDylita 2014-04-11 16:14
THE NEW FANFICS ARE AMAZING! I Just pray that the little wedding after midnight behind Dalcrest is Damon & Elenas wedding. If its not then I dont think I will be able to live. big fan LJ!! :D
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