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Just testing Halloween blog

on Sunday, 03 October 2010 11:13. Posted in 2010

smallThis is sort of a test blog, I guess.  It's the first one written for the new site, anyway.  I'm hoping that it's right around Halloween when this site first opens, and that I will be able to post a couple of pictures of the pumpkins my friends and I have carved.  It's a tradition (probably started when I taught kindgerten, when of course all the kids wanted to help in carving pumpkins with faces so menacing they'd scare themselves.

Okay!  Here's a pic of a couple of last year's jack-o-lanterns.  They don't really show up well because the picture was taken before it was fully dark, but I promise you, they were truly demonic. I want to know if anybody has found something that will write on a pumpkin and not smear.  I can carve much more easily if I can draw a face on first.

Anyway, a good opening for my first test blog on my new site.  At least, everything is in working order, and I can wish everyone a ghoulish happy Halloween!